Welcome to Game Brainer! We bring you cool video game content to get your mind into action. Games enrich our lives with new and interesting stories. We believe that these stories are the key to helping us find new ways of expressing ourselves. Unlike movies or television, gaming requires your brain to remain focused and active in order to keep the game you’re playing going. This interactivity is what helps make gaming so good for us.

Critics of video games think we’re wasting our time. They think we’re becoming more dull, more disengaged, or even more violent from our beloved games. Professor Akio Mori, author of The Terror of the Game Brain, claimed that there are “adverse effects that video games have on the human brain.” Specifically, Mori asserts that side effects can include loss of concentration, an inability to control temper and problems socializing or associating with others. The term, game brain” refers to these effects and the state of the brain.

We strongly disagree with Professor Mori’s findings and believe that games and our brains are great friends for each other. We will change what it means to have “game brain.” Having a game brain is a great thing. Let us give you the brain food you deserve.


About the Founder:

Ben Grandis is a charming twentysomething that is passionate about all things gaming. A graduate of Swarthmore College and currently residing in Philadelphia, he also enjoys EDM, animals, politics, literature, nature hikes, and finding out what makes you laugh. He will be happy to answer any of your comments and inquiries on Game Brainer through our Contact page.

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